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Have I lost the plot?

Life should be cut and dry. What to do what not to do.
Right now I am knocking on 40's door acting 19 again and dolling out advice my GrandMother might have given.
Have I lost the plot?
Gosh I hope not because for the first time in 20 years I feel happy again.
My children are accomplishing great things. My dogs are well trained and happy. I have a boyfriend who loves me and treats me very well.
Could it be a new book a new chapter. . . a n e w plot?

Hi EP!

Oh look I get a blog here too! I am very glad I joined EP. So far it seems like a great deal of fun. I have been looking for a positive community online. It would be great if a more functional cell phone applications could be made public. For now this is going to have to work.

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